How Does One Handle A Terribly Awkward Situation?

Recently there has been a rash of incidents locally where people have not been handling awkward situations with even more hostility and impulsive anger. Last week, in two real-life situations in the San Francisco Bay Area two adults each handled a situation in their own unique way which brought forth dismissals and potential prosecution. In one corner, we have one woman who decided to deal with her daughter’s bully at her school in the only way that she apparently knew how…she allegedly threatened the alleged bully with physical force. In the other corner we have a city employee who leaves a bitter letter of resignation when being threatened with termination, or worse public ouster.

These unfortunate events lead me to think, is this the way we are now handling delicate personal situations in which we are so stunned that have no clue how to handle ourselves in the first place? Does our gut reaction of what we always wanted to do take over when given an unforeseen situation? Or is perhaps this what we have always wanted knowing full well we should be handling ourselves like mature individuals?  

In both situations there are extenuating circumstances that may construe your opinion. In the case of the bullied child and parent who fought back, there are accusations flying back and forth that the mother allegedly threatened the wrong child. Her attorney is also claiming that she never touched the child and the both child and any witnesses are lying about the physical threats. And in case of the clerk, she claimed she was doing her job by tweeting city council meetings instead of recording the minutes and the job was so miserable and the people she worked with were so horrible you’d do the same thing too.

A lot of people would do the same thing in both situations. They’d tell any person who was bullying their child that there are consequences to bullying and if they do it again they’re are going to be taught a lesson they’d never forget. And they were forced to resign from a public job in a very public way they’d make sure they’d tell everyone off on the way out. I have to admit I’ve sometimes dreamed of handling awkward situations in a similar fashion, but I thought the best of it. I think I would know better than ever threaten a child who was bullying my own child. You can’t out bully a bully especially when that bully is a child. You’re an adult and you should remember to act that way in any situation. And telling off your supervisors on the way out of a job seems childish as well. Consider leaving with what dignity you have left.

People are making a bad situation worse by handling them in impulsive ways. Am I right? Or perhaps I too should I be thinking outside of the box when it comes to awkward situations that are made public? This behavior might actually gets results, just not the results you necessarily want.    



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