Kim & Kanye’s Wedding Is Imminent: Why I Personally Don’t Care


Kim Kardashian & Kanye West’s “whirlwind” romance is about to come to its pinnacle with their upcoming nuptials to be apparently held as an intimate affair to occur either in France or Southern California or perhaps both. All I have to say is please “Kimye” say your “I do’s” as fast as you can. without incident or documentation. In fact, there’s no need to let the public know that you have in reality done the deed because quite frankly…nobody cares.

Let’s face it just because cameras are not present shooting the event for the Kardashian’s E! reality show, nothing of this wedding can be considered private. Once the nuptials are said and the party winds down, no matter where the event is held, we’ll all know about it and the details will be shared. The problem is hardly anyone will care who wore what who said what and who did what.

Kim and Kayne feel free to keep this one private even though we all know you both have the urge to overshare. Case in point I love Keeping Up With the Kardashians it’s a mindless time waster for sure but the episode in which the proposal was showcased in San Francisco that just so happened to be filmed for the cameras was one of the most disingenuous moments in reality history I have ever witnessed. You cannot claim to want privacy and then show something like that one the air. I personally think that that particular moment backfired as it felt so forced and hallow that the reality of the moment was lost on the audience and quite frankly it’s hung a pall over them as a couple ever since.

Then there is Kanye’s fashion makeover of Kim. As displayed by her new haute couture look on the red carpets or whenever she steps out in front of the paparazzi all of a sudden Kim’s now wearing high end designer duds. She’s hanging out at the Met Gala with Anna Wintour who once said she’d never be caught dead with a pseudo-celebrity like Kim Kardashian. And of they were on the cover to much consternation from the fashion elite. It’s all coming across as manufactured and unnatural of a relationship that supposedly started as a friendship and has escalated into something more.

The entire notion of Kimye is comes across as a business arrangement because that what Kanye West does and that’s what the Kardashians do. This just has no genuineness to this moment or sincerity to this coupling. Plus, we don’t have it shoved down our throats when we really don’t care.

So on behalf of your so called fans, nothing but the best to you Kimye and your small but intimate wedding and your continuing relationship. I just hope you’re expecting any gifts like caring from us fans in return.


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